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About Us

At Humming Flowers & Gifts,
We Do Everything With You In Mind.

Humming Flowers & Gifts Pte Ltd (previously Humming House) was incorporated in Jan 2007. We are one of the leading gifting companies in Singapore specialising in customisable flowers and gifts. Our suite of over 900 flowers and gifts ideas all come with greeting cards for that extra personal touch.


Humming's Flowers and Gifts Catalogue alone features over 600 flowers and gifts ideas. An expert in local gifting customs, Humming has built a loyal customer base of individuals and corporations for over more than a decade. We aim to further strengthen our brand and remain committed to introducing new and unique gifting experiences. Humming continues to pride itself with providing unparalleled service, as well as innovative and exciting ideas for customers – 'With you in mind'.


Humming's invaluable knowledge in local gifting customs, allows the company to create truly unique gifting experiences for any occasion.




Creating a unique gifting experience with you in mind, we as an up-and-coming hampers, flowers and gifts company will propel ahead by

  1. Challenging the status quo and industry standards by coming up with eye-catching hampers, flowers and gift creations
  2. Staying personable and going out of the way to understand and meet customers' needs
  3. Staying nimble and flexible to meet the requirements of our customers' needs
  4. Increasing productivity and delivering consistent customer service by leveraging on our operating systems and resources

Brand Promise

Led by a passion to create a unique gifting experience with you in mind, we will stay true to our promise by observing:

Quality: Product quality and freshness

Service: Personalised and prompt service

Creative: Attractive designs that leave a good impression

Value: High perceived value, affordable price propositions

Brand Story

With You In Mind

Humming Gifts is like a close friend who never leaves your side.

When you need gifting services, we will offer you ours.

When you need our services, we will respond to you attentively.

When you have a gifting need to fulfil, we will do our best to help you.

Understanding your gifting needs and preferences,

While honouring Asian gifting-giving cultures and customs,

We can advise you on even the smallest details,

Some of which you may not have thought of.

Trendy and creative, we also provide you with

Fresh and exceptional ideas – and keep our gifts affordable.

For whatever we do, it is always with you in mind.

Service Values

Putting ourselves constantly in the position of our customers, we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy them with our superior customer service and attention to detail.


Personal Touch
With in-depth knowledge of our customers' gifting needs and preference, we are able to provide them with a highly personalised service that is close to their hearts.


By leveraging on a potent combination of technology and teamwork, we are able to ensure consistently high levels of quality service and speed in our delivery.


Keeping our customers' gifting requirements, we are able to come up with creations that have the 'X' factor – eXceptional and eXciting


Our brand identity shows a ribbon morphing into a Chinese knot to reflect Humming's expertise in Chinese gifting customs.

"H" is embedded in the centre of it all, just like how Humming always immerses itself in your needs, It is always thinking ahead and going the extra mile to present thoughtfully put-together gifts, With you in mind.

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